Cream Puffs.

So a couple of weeks ago I made cream puffs, and in theory they are easy to make. I however, could not get the dough right so I Made cream flats. The puff part came out all fluffy and perfect looking, and then they deflated. KAPOOT. So I decided to put cream in the middle of them and made cream puff sandwiches. One of my dogs got his paws on one of them, and I don’t know how ( I dropped one) and he loved it.

Here is the recipe I used, except somehow I got the baking part all wrong, I guess I’ll have to tweak it to perfect it later when I need more cream puffs in my life. But right now my boyfriend and I are trying to eat healthy. That means no ice cream for him, and more ice cream for me.

Here is he website:

Classic Cream Puffs


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